The iconostases, icon-cases, temple furniture

Production of carved iconostases

The company "Stavros" has been producing iconostases and church utensils since 2002. One glance at our iconostases is enough to understand how beautifully and professionally they are executed.

The cost of iconostasis producing depends on many components: wood species, depth and complexity of carving, type of finishing, etc.

The average cost of 1 square meter of the iconostasis is from 500 $ or Euro.

If the budget is not so big, you can purchase from us a decor for the iconostasis made of polyurethane and wood paste.

We are ready to offer you a comprehensive production and installation of the iconostasis in any city of your country. Also, you can order a set of carved decor from us and decorate existing iconostasis frame by yourself. Before the production of the iconostasis, we carry out a design-project.



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