Quality of products

The most important thing in our work is the high quality of the products and the complete readiness for installation as well as coating with varnish-and-paint materials, which does not require additional costs for our Clients.

A high level of quality we manage to achieve, thanks to:

  • Practical experience of production over 15 years of the Company's history
  • A team of professionals, involved in joinery for more than 30 years
  • High-tech machine tool park
  • Own developed know-how solutions
  • Implemented quality control systems for finished products
  • Implemented material quality control systems

Processing quality

Without grinding
Not for sale
Standard (Machine polishing)
Milling and machine polishing. Cutter steps are allowed, emphasizing the texture of the wood. Within 10% of the treated surface, the product may have small roughness and lint. The customer receives the most attractive price of products in combination with the possibility of further study and implementation of the conceived project.
Prestige (detailed manual polishing)
In addition to the Standard quality criteria, detailed manual polishing of products is carried out. The result is a smooth surface, no tread cutters, chips and unpolished lint, and the products are completely ready for finishing.
Exclusive (detailed manual cutting)
In addition to the Prestige quality criteria, an art study of products is carried out. Manual cutting is made, including internal hard-to-reach areas (undercuts) and maximum detail contours. This decor allows you to create unique and inimitative in its perfection sets of furniture and interior items.
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