Our production

Our production, 4300 square meters in total, is located in Saint-Petersburg. The company has the following structure:

  1. The sculpture department
  2. Department of 3D modeling and programming
  3. Woodworking department
  4. Gluing department
  5. CNC machines milling department
  6. Manual handling of products department
  7. Workshop for the production of décor from the polyurethane
  8. Production of décor from wood paste department
  9. Metalworking department
  10. Packaging department
  11. Warehouse

Production, made on our factory, is being made of dried wood with “furniture” humidity 8 (±2) %. In general, we produce décor from solid oak, beech, basswood and pine for the furniture of wine cellars and not only. All these tree species are always on our stock. By the request, we can also produce the décor from the wood type you need, or from MDF.

In production of glued goods, we use the glue of the company KLEBCHEMIE M.G. Becker GmbH & CoKG (Germany) KLEIBERIT 303.2 (industrial glue for the waterproof connections). The quality of gluing is D3.

In each department there is its own control system. That is why the production in total has multi-stage quality control system, through which we can guarantee the high quality of our production.


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