This website, website elements, photographs and design are protected copyright objects registered in the manner prescribed by law. The exclusive right in full to the indicated results, their derivatives, and elements, as well as the results produced according to drawings, photographs, models, belongs to LLC Stavros.

This means that no individual or legal entity has the right to use the intellectual property of LLC Stavros, namely, to copy, replicate, reproduce, recreate by product, as well as produce similar results.

The purchase of a product does not mean obtaining the rights to copy, duplicate, recreate or modify the product, as well as the right to manufacture similar products. To obtain such rights, a license agreement signed by Stavros LLC is required.

The purchase of a product only means the right to use a specific product for economic and domestic purposes. Everything else is a violation and entails liability according DMCA notice and takedown process under the article 4,5 of the Berne Convention, administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and UNCITRAL modern law.

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