About Stavros

«Do not produce anything but the best, and you will never experience the disappointment»

  John Gregory Betancourt


Today Stavros is a popular brand, that symbolizes high quality, good taste and stability. Manufactures of wood furniture and interiors underline that they use Stavros carved decor in their product. Our décor makes the products unique and demanded.

We produce décor from the 2007 year. Our factory is located in Saint-Petersburg. And where else? That is the city where atmosphere, history and traditions favour to creation of beautiful items! Decor of wood and polyurethane made by Stavros – is a great tool, that allows you to create stylish, luxury interiors and furniture!

We believe, and prove with our work, that in Russia we are willing and more then able to produce quality, competitive goods on a stable base! You are welcome to join us!


Stavros for Manufacturer

1. Economically!

Taking into account, that the cost of components influences the cost of the final product, and also possessing a huge production, we offer to furniture and interior manufactures the décor at the most competitive prices! And, the bigger quantity of the goods ordered, the lower prices you get! We produce wood décor in three categories of the quality, and also we produce decoration of polyurethane, that allows you to meet the budget.

2. Quickly!

We produce décor in a short time! That is possible thanks to well organized job of all the departments: from manager till the courier!

We know: «Needed yesterday!».

3. Exclusively!

For standard items in your production, we can create a unique décor with the guarantee of exclusive supplies only to your factory!

4. Stable!

Stavros is a reliable partner, to whom you can trust!


Stavros for Designers and Architectors

1. Style!

We are good at all historical styles and we are really professionals in it: Gothic, art Deco or Biedermeier. Give us a stylish task – we are ready to any challenge!

2.  Easy!

We give you 3D-models and vector graphic of our décor (DWG и Ai) for designing wood furniture and interiors..

3.  We are for a long-term relations!

We know, how it’s difficult to find a company to whom you can entrust the most valuable thing you have – your project. We do everything for you to come back to us again and again.


Stavros for everybody

1. The highest quality and professionalism.

Our customers always come back to us with the new orders and they recommend us to their partners! That characterizes quality of our products and our approach to business best of all.

2.  Wide assortment.

 Our collection has more then 1000 décor models and more then 20 000 of modification by today. Also we always work on creating of new items.

3.  Delivery to any city and country!

Our partners in logistic are ready to help you with the delivery of the order to any country!

4.  Individual approach.

We take into account your wishes and pay careful attention to all the points that are important for you.

5.  Responsibility and Honesty.

 For us it’s not just the words!!

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